Yoga ~ Saunas
                "This hot yoga system makes me feel euphoric."
                                                                    ~ Manager Dynamic Fitness and Hot Yoga, Fredericton, Canada ~

                                               Yoga~Saunas are a revolution in hot-yoga studio design.  
                                               We have developed the world's most advanced infrared heating system, 
                                               so in tune with the human body that it mimics the exact wavelength at which 
                                               your body absorbs heat from the sun. 

                                              The combination of gentle heat, and low-electrical costs has made 
                                              Yoga~Saunas the wisest business investment for hot yoga studios.

                     "Yoga Saunas are the future of functional training. 
I recommend this for anyone trying to break into Professional Sports.

 Aaron Downey,    - Detroit Red Wings Strength Trainer,
                                                                                  - Stanley Cup Champion,
                                                                                  - Founder: Striking Yoga

                                                Yoga~Saunas are used and recommended for functional training by 
                                                Olympic Gold Medalists, and Stanley Cup winners.
                                                 They are now available to any commercial hot yoga studio to provide a 
                                                 competitive edge, and dramatically reduce your heating costs

                                      Our uniquely engineered heating system operates on
                                       Half the electricity cost of other hot-yoga rooms.